irrigation Water quality

Widening the spectrum of issues of concern

I recently updated what called in my course ‘Topic 6’ regarding to pumping arrangements, Lagoons and reservoirs, and water quality. While initially this topic was only the effort to reduce the dirt load from the filter, this update was an attempt to be more systematic about all possible issues that might pose risk to the Drip system or the plants.

Since my course is only an introduction, hence limited in detailing, I often provide links to external resources. For this case I used an excellent NETAFIM manual written in 2012, but unfortunately the link didn’t always work due to domain shifting. Now I decided to store it here and I like to thank Netafim for the excellent work.

The manual itself contains 42 pages of useful information, but as it always for our millennial attention abilities, is somewhat difficult to study and work-by as a whole. My class closes the gap by directing the reader to the required section.

To keep this post short I am providing those tables (for those who are not among my students) in another post.

I soon intend to add another post with more useful Netafim manual.

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