Yes…. Hello world… Our first product is out!             24/09/2020

Global Control Engineering exists for more than 15 years, but through this period its main subjective was providing consultancy for several companies. The nature of this work concentrated in highly complex product development and projects.

When decision is made to start developing of our own, it was clear that we will look for simple products. At least to start with. Why?

Products of high complexity enounces our special skills. It is a common tendency of all, we believe, to enounce the best of their skills via their products.

But complex products are rarely serve the financial base of organizations: They are mostly:

  1. Require longer consideration by any potential client due to high prices.
  2. Require high technical skills for use and install.
  3. Require service and other ‘aftersales’ overhead.    

So if you carefully look around at successful busines groups who deals with complex technology, you are likely to find that they always have a range of simple product to support the more glamorous activity.

The ANR-1500 is just that: It is a simple, low cost device, but surprisingly innovative if you look among similar products, even of the larger manufacturers of PVC valves and fittings.

While our main effort is on developing cool products, the machinery we need to make them is not less cool…
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Flow controller (Future)