Joseph (Yossi) Livne

Joseph’s knowledge and skills are spread from Agronomic side of irrigation, through detailed designing of large scale irrigation systems, Pumping and pump house design, Filtration, Fertilizer injection machines, All aspects of horticulture control, and up to actual C++ programming. Joseph is self educated and considered among people who worked with him as top professional of his kind.

Joseph worked with Eldar-Shany, Amiran Kenya (a Balton C.P. subsidiary), AgroWebLab China (Supplant co-activity) and Galcon on varying positions from consultant to board member and CEO.

Joseph has established Global Control Engineering Ltd. (Registered 513683037 in Israel) on 2005 as a portal for experts assignment, after finding that in many cases assigning local professionals to projects has led to costly mistakes due to their lack of experience.

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